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Welcome Brethren and all!

Thank you for stopping by our web site. We have put together some information about our Lodge, Freemasonry and a secured section for our Members. Hope you enjoy your visit and please come back again soon for new content.

making good men


Freemasonry is based on the principle of fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man, concerned with moral and spiritual values. Its precepts are taught by a series of rituals, which follow ancient forms and stonemasons' customs, tools and allegorical guides. Its avowed objective is to make good men better.

Affliated Bodies

Order of the Eastern Star


       Our current Worshipful Master

Douglas A. Stemper

Our Working Tools

There are three working tools in each of the three degrees, referring to the three phases in man's nature. This emphasis is repeated right throughout our three degrees: three degrees. three principal officers, three movable jewels, three ornaments, three pieces of furniture, three pillars and three ruffians.


Each of the nine tools has a moral significance: the Twenty-four Inch Gauge, the Common Gavel and the Chisel of the First Degree are the tools of preparation; the Square, Level and Plumb Rule of the Second Degree are the tools of proof; the Skirret, Pencil and Compasses of the Third Degree are the tools of plan.


Your Greatest Self.


Julian Rees


Freemasonry is about self-knowledge. Once one sets out to gain that, one discovers that access to the self is not as simple as one might suppose. In terms of the inner man, there is a great deal to be learned, many places which we have, figuratively, to visit, before we come full circle to the core of our own Being.


       Our current Worshipful Master

Douglas A. Stemper

            Hagerstown Lodge #217                                   2024 Officer Line                 

Hagerstown Chapter No. 89


​Meets at our Lodge
Meeting Time: Second Tuesday

(alt. 4th Tuesday)
Time: 7:30 PM


Mailing Address:
17722 Daisy Drive
Hagerstown, MD 21740


Truly Freemasonry provides the opportunity for you to explore this to its fullest. Lodges offer the opportunity to learn and/or enhance public speaking skills, taking even the most shy or reticent speaker to a level of competence and confidence. Leadership is acquired as one assumes many varied roles within the lodge and educational opportunites are found at every turn. In short, you are limited only by yourself - and Freemasonry has been pretty darn good over the centuries at helping tens of millions of men break free from those limitations.

what is

Order of DeMolay

Although a DeMolay Chapter does not meet at our Lodge, we wanted to let you know of the closest Chapter to the Frederick and Hagerstown area which is the Frederick Chapter.

Here is a link to their website for more information.

Freemasonry again?

A fraternity designed to teach morality and ethics, intellectual freedom and self-control, Freemasonry helps good men lead lives of service to their families, their brethren and their communities. It promotes personal integrity, reflection and growth in a world which sorely needs stand-up men of ethics and honor.


Freemasonry is not a religion, but it teaches its members to be active in their chosen faith. Freemasonry has no politics, but it teaches its members to be active in civic concerns. Freemasonry is not a charity; although it promotes charity in its members. In fact, in North America, Masons contribute some two and a half million dollars per day to operate children's hospitals, cancer clinics, burn wards, senior's homes, and other such facilities.


Joseph Fort Newton, The Geometry of Character

There is yet another dimension of manhood, so often forgotten today, which we may call by the old word piety.  It is a natural, normal development of man, without which his life lacks its crown, and is a thing unfinished.



Dr. John S. Nagy, Building Hiram

...Masonry is about building with integrity. The focus of the Building is ultimately the Builder who Builds. Masonic Rituals and Lectures are precipitous with references to this. Although outwardly the references are functional to the Workings of the Lodge, ultimately they are critical to the Workings of Masons.



Hagerstown Lodge #217

Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays – 7:30 P.M.



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